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Businesses struggle to "see" how they are operating.  They struggle to understand how their people and technology are coming together to create the products or services that their clients are asking for. And without that "seeing," they do not know how to effectively measure and ultimately improve their business

And so, we decided to do something about it. We developed a discipline known as Process Science to help businesses "see." That through our proprietary methods and frameworks, we can help them scale, reduce costs, plan for the future and grow their business. There is now no need for them to rely on intuition or worse, "trial and error." 

We help empower businesses, and the people in it, to grow with love, radical transparency, continuous flow (lean) and consistent profits. We take the time to get to know the business holistically and identify options to remove the obstacles that are keeping it from maximizing its potential.

  • Does your data tell the right story? Does it help you understand how to improve your operations, your business?
  • Can you clearly visualize or understand ALL your business operations so you can make better decisions? Do you know what Bill from Marketing spends most of his time doing?
  • Can you consistently and profitably, scale and grow your business? Without you having your hand in everything?

Let us help you so that you can focus more on building your dream!


How To Grow Your Company or Small Business Sustainably



Discover how Cavi's team of Process Scientists can quickly and efficiently capture and visualize your business processes


Discover what obstacles or problems are keeping your business from producing more value (profits)


Discover how a 3-day workshop can help your business develop a culture of continuous process improvement


Discover how Cavi can train and certify your staff on how to effectively and efficiently capture and visualize your business processes


Discover how Cavi's Evolutionary Accelerator program can help transform your business to scale, automate and grow within months




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Cavi contributes to industry thought leadership and the general business process community by providing aspects of the Cavi Methodology as free, open-sourced knowledge resources


Cavi provides free, online resources covering various aspects of the business process discipline. 

The Cavi blog provides unique perspectives for understanding, applying, evolving, or simply pondering the ideology that underlies process improvement


Cavi sponsors the “NYC Business Process Discussions” Meetup in New York City. This group hosts several events a month to promote the discussion and understanding of process improvement as a business discipline.




Becoming A Conscious Business describes a personal journey of study and enlightenment which led the author to a new paradigm for business: the discipline of process science.

Process science is the study of the universal truths of energy flow and human consciousness and the application of this knowledge to life and business. It sits at the intersection of science and spirituality.

The unconventional but simple framework for process optimization outlined in this book will revolutionize the way you live and work.


We are Cavi, a business process consultancy headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Our mission is to empower you to stop guessing and start knowing how your business really works, and to provide you with the tools necessary to successfully automate, scale and grow.

As a business, we hold certain values as core to our work. We believe that every business can benefit from greater transparency. We believe that the world will be a better place to live if more people are taking the time to understand their own personal process and optimize for less waste and greater efficiency. We believe in sharing our knowledge as widely as possible. And with these beliefs, we contribute to the industry through specialized training, education, coaching and thought leadership.

  • Scale processes through decision-making automation frameworks
  • Optimize processes for value (profits)
  • Implement realistic change into smaller cycles


Sally Golan

Founder/Executive Producer of Social Exposure
Before working with Sam Chin of Cavi Consulting, I was convinced that I would be the only person able to manage the operations of my business… and that scared me. I didn’t think it would ever be possible to “duplicate” myself and that is the exact opposite of scaling. NOT TRUE! Sam and the Cavi Method has not only completely changed my perspective on my own company and it’s daily operations, but also helped me feel 100% READY to hire! I feel like I can scale smoothly and swiftly now that I have the proper documents, tools and even a CORE PROCESS MAP. It’s as easy as handing the new team a GUIDEBOOK. Organization is absolutely key! Sam is a dream to work with. If you’re planning to scale, do not do a thing without consulting with CAVI first!

Heidi Drauschak

President at CrowdLobby
Cavi team have been a wonder to work with! I am currently working them and can confidently say that they have helped us to rethink our business and the way we approach our growth. Sam helped my company prepare for scalability through in-depth analysis, visualization, and redesign of our core processes, paired with highly detailed financial projections. The work performed by Cavi went above and beyond my expectations and I will definitely be returning to Sam and his team in the future for all of my process improvement needs!

Sean Taylor

Director of Operations, Co-owner at Magnet Theater
Working with the Cavi has provided stunning improvements throughout out our operations. This isn't about automation or going digital - this is about completely rethinking how an organization is run. His team found insight and a clear path to improve then held our hands through the entire process. We're in a better place in terms of profitability, revenue, efficiency and morale. I highly recommend working with the Cavi team!

Russ Baker

CEO of WhoWhatWhy
The Cavi team helped me understand my organization in a process-centric manner. They provided the planning and tools necessary to organize and scale my staff, as well as produce more news reports in a more cost-effective manner. The team has incredible process expertise and has provided lasting value for me personally, as well as the entire WhoWhatWhy team

Monil Kothari

Founder of Antandre
Cavi Consulting opened our eyes to the benefits of process management. Without their guidance and expertise, our business would have still been bound to inefficient working processes. Moreover, by adhering to the core principles that Cavi introduced us to, we’ve become more aware of process related problems and at the same are more capable of making the changes that lead to a more efficient business

Daniel J. Cook

Managing Partner at Clixsy
We came to Cavi looking for better techniques and methods to scale our business. Cavi provided us with the mindset and education that finally explained the difference in practice managing our operations v.s work in progress and projects. This provided the foundation for us to start working on optimizing our business into the ‘machine’ we envisioned that allows for increased scaling and automation. Cavi's knowledge of process improvement was invaluable in allowing us to visualize the workflow of our business and enabling it to scale. We have learned so much from the Cavi method. The techniques and insight we gained allowed us to optimize our business and maintain this high level of efficiency.


Let's make the world a better place together!

Cavi Consulting is a business process consultancy, specializing in education, training, and thought leadership for corporate teams and small business owners alike. Cavi’s consulting and training offerings are designed particularly to help entrepreneurs and business owners in digital and service-based industries to automate, scale and grow efficiently and rapidly, in a way which minimizes waste and optimizes for value


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