Working with Cavi enables you to see, understand, and measure your business more effectively than ever. Whether you want to scale, automate, reduce costs, or plan for the future, growing your business should not rely on intuition or, worse, “trial and error.” A strong foundation in process empowers your business to grow with minimal risk while achieving consistently positive returns. We help businesses to understand the factors which are holding them back, identify options to remove these blocks, and realize opportunities for improvement within your business operations

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Requirements Development made easy using A Simple Framework for Effective Process Capture

The key to successful process information capture and analysis is a strong understanding and current view of the as-is process (as it exists in practice). An experienced business analyst is able to gain this understanding efficiently and comprehensively through a process of observation and conversation. In this presentation, process expert Sam Chin will outline a simple framework for requirements gathering with a focus on capturing business process requirements. Sam will share a structure for effective conversations, and walk attendees through his revolutionary method for transforming a complex process into simpler information which tells a clear story and can be transformed easily into process maps or other necessary documentation

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The process improvement lifecycle is universal, regardless of business context. We offer support throughout this entire lifecycle, with the option to engage with each phase separately or as a whole

Problem Analysis

Our experienced Cavi consultants will sit down with you to understand your business pain points. We then analyze and structure this conversation into a set of actionable problems and likely root causes that can be solved within a defined cycle of process improvement

Process Analysis and Design

Your Cavi consultant will analyze your as-is business process (as it currently stands) using a combination of established Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, in conjunction with the Cavi Process Improvement Framework (CPIF). Based on this analysis, we provide a comprehensive report explaining the current state of business problems and opportunities, an achievable proposed re-design of your process, and an execution plan to implement this new process

Process Capture and Visualization

Through independent research and employee interviews, your Cavi consultant will capture and organize your workflow  into a structured data-based format. This data is then translated into easy-to-understand process maps using the Cavi Standard Mapping Language. These maps will serve as the objective foundation to understand and further assess your business

Process Enablement

In this stage, you will work with Cavi consultants proficient in project and change management to drive all recommended process projects to successful results. Cavi equips your business with the measures and control mechanisms to ensure sustainability of the re-designed process, as well as training around process management to create a continuous process improvement culture


Cavi also offers training on any combination of our process improvement service phases from either a practitioner or stakeholder/sponsor point of view. All courses are customized to your requirements and business context

Why Process Training?

  • Increased company performance through improved organizational understanding around process terminology, concept knowledge, the project lifecycle, and a continuous improvement culture
  • Acquiring an internal continuous process improvement capability through employee training

  • Increased engagement from stakeholders through industry standard roles and responsibilities, as well as a formal understanding of business operating model mechanics


Cavi contributes to industry thought leadership and the general business process community by providing aspects of the Cavi Methodology as free, open-sourced knowledge resources. These resources are meant to stimulate thought around the understanding and application of process improvement, as well as increase maturity around process concepts throughout the larger business community



  • Cavi provides free, online introductory training covering various aspects of the business process discipline. We also offer additional in-depth personal or corporate training on a paid basis



  • The Cavi blog provides unique perspectives for understanding, applying, evolving, or simply pondering the ideology that underlies process improvement


  • Cavi sponsors the “New York Business Process Professionals” Meetup in New York City. This group hosts several events a month to promote the discussion and understanding of process improvement as a business discipline, informed directly by Cavi and other mainstream improvement methodologies. Events include general lecture/discussion, Problem Solving Mastermind Sessions, and Practitioner-oriented debates

- Russ Baker

The Cavi team helped me understand my organization in a process-centric manner. They provided the planning and tools necessary to organize and scale my staff, as well as produce more news reports in a more cost-effective manner. The team has incredible process expertise and has provided lasting value for me personally, as well as the entire WhoWhatWhy team

Cavi Consulting is a consultancy for businesses that want to increase their efficiency and improve their bottom line. We provide business owners with the tools they need to understand how their business is really working, what their unique value add really is, and how to increase the efficiency of all their processes to an optimal degree

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