Welcome to the

Volunteer Advisory Program!

Cavi Consulting is looking for self-starting, values-driven individuals with some work experience or a master’s level of education to join our (unpaid) volunteer advisory program. Selected candidates will be performing value-adding work and learning directly within our dynamic and rapidly growing team of passionate professionals, who are using process science to help shape the next generation of process improvement and consulting practices. You will have the opportunity to develop new professional skills, expand your professional network, and contribute to live internal (corporate) and external (client) facing work, virtually and within a flexible schedule.

Our advisory team is comprised of working professionals who participate in addition to other full-time commitments in order to further develop their consulting or technical skill sets, as well as to learn progressive and proprietary process improvement techniques as they are being created and tested in a live business setting.

Cavi Consulting is a process consulting firm in its second year of operation. We are building new knowledge products in the process consulting discipline and establishing the infrastructure to package and deploy that knowledge in the market in the form of content, software, and client consulting work. Our mission is to deploy our methodologies as widely as possible, guided by our core company values of radical transparency, personal ownership and continuous improvement.

If you’re on board with our vision and have the skills and time to match, we invite you to join our family and help us support our incredible pace of growth throughout

  • Unsurpassed start-up, process improvement, and consulting experience.
  • Flexible, remote work hours that fit your schedule.
  • Structured and regular coaching and mentorship from experienced professionals.
  • Access to Cavi process improvement and consulting knowledge and learning products including training, presentations, and live events.
  • Professional reference and resume credit.
  • Access to the Cavi professional and personal networks.
  • Opportunity to meaningfully contribute to a growing start-up company.
  • Live client experience (dependent on program level)
  • Fun events, new friends, and much more!
  • A passionate, dependable and driven personality.
  • A genuine interest in business learning and work execution, as opposed to shallow resume building.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, fast-response environment.
  • Initiative to go above and beyond, be a self-starter, and work efficiently in a remote setting.
  • High self-awareness and a willingness to ask for help and engage in conversations around criticism and self-assessment.
  • Strong, transparent, and open communication style.
  • Outstanding organizational skills.
  • At least 3 months commitment to the organization.
You will work as part of the Cavi team based on program that you custom build for yourself based on your interests and goals (see below). At a high level, work activities will involve:
  • Business analysis of all kinds (internal and external to the firm, qualitative and quantitative).
  • Building content and documentation.
  • Executing core business operating and administrative tasks.
  • Executing and summarizing research on various business topics to answer critical questions.
  • Testing, assessing, and providing feedback on new products.
  • Contributing to company strategy and ideation.
  • Generally contributing to positive business growth through speaking, writing, sharing, recruiting, and anything else you think best.


Submit your resume below, along with any additional questions or comments