Happy New Year, Cavi family! I hope you all had a restful and restorative holiday season and are feeling fired up and ready for a productive and powerful 2018. I know we are!

This is an exciting time for us here at Cavi. In the last year and a half, we’ve seen a lot of growth, momentum and energy around the business itself; as well as building traction and positive feedback for the Cavi methodology. And it’s clear that we’ve begun to co-create something which has the potential to change the way we as humans think about business (and even life in general). So now — as we move into the new year — we are connecting to our vision and mission more deeply than ever and ready to expand and grow even more.

In taking on the role of chief strategist in 2018, my primary task will be to guide strategy and provide structure as we continue to deepen and expand. I will be focused on two things:

  1. setting objectives and strategy to achieve our business goals, and
  2. ensuring that the team is structured in a way that empowers each individual to own their personal contribution to those goals.

Cavi’s 2018 business objectives are simple: to disseminate the Cavi Method and Cavi Process Improvement Framework (CPIF) as widely as possible, both in terms of understanding and implementation/execution; and to achieve profitability so that we can continue to invest even more in this work. Given the passion and skills of our existing team members, and the plan to continue growing and developing that team through an internship program, I have no doubt that these goals are very achievable.

On a strategic front, the objectives will be achieved through three key initiatives:

  1. Free knowledge-sharing and dissemination of Cavi thought leadership
  2. Launching one or more paid products which generate ongoing revenue
  3. Prototyping of a proprietary, opinionated software tool built on Cavi principles

From an internal perspective, restructuring the team to support these initiatives will also allow us to better align with our core values of radical transparency, personal ownership and continuous improvement. As we continue to build the team and expand our resources, we will be ensuring that individual team members experience greater opportunities for development, mentorship and learning in a way that aligns with their personal and professional goals and interests. Our aim with Cavi is to create an incubatory space for team members to achieve their fullest potential, whether within the Cavi organization or in ultimately bringing their learnings to later roles and projects.

As we step into this new year and new phase of growth, I am deeply grateful for each and every one of you, for all of your support in creating momentum for this work in the last year and a half, and also for the opportunity to take on this role and support this incredible team in achieving even greater success in the future! Here’s to 2018 – may it bring us all to a deeper and richer level of expansion and growth.

Bridget Randolph, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist