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Cavi Internship Program!

This page is for those interested in joining Cavi Consulting’s (unpaid) internship program. Selected candidates will be performing value-adding work and learning directly within our dynamic and rapidly growing team of passionate professionals, who are helping to shape the next generation of process improvement and consulting practices.

  • A passionate, dependable and driven personality.
  • A genuine interest in business learning and work execution, as opposed to shallow resume building.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, fast-response environment.
  • Initiative to go above and beyond, be a self-starter, and work efficiently in a remote setting.
  • High self-awareness and a willingness to ask for help and engage in conversations around criticism and self-assessment.
  • Strong, transparent, and open communication style.
  • Outstanding organizational skills.
  • At least 3 months commitment to the organization.
You will work as part of the Cavi team based on program that you custom build for yourself based on your interests and goals (see below). At a high level, work activities will involve:
  • Business analysis of all kinds (internal and external to the firm, qualitative and quantitative).
  • Building content and documentation.
  • Executing core business operating and administrative tasks.
  • Executing and summarizing research on various business topics to answer critical questions.
  • Testing, assessing, and providing feedback on new products.
  • Contributing to company strategy and ideation.
  • Generally contributing to positive business growth through speaking, writing, sharing, recruiting, and anything else you think best.
  • Unsurpassed start-up, process improvement, and consulting experience.
  • Flexible, remote work hours that fit your schedule.
  • Structured and regular coaching and mentorship from experienced professionals.
  • Access to Cavi process improvement and consulting knowledge and learning products including training, presentations, and live events.
  • Professional reference and resume credit.
  • Access to the Cavi professional and personal networks.
  • Opportunity to meaningfully contribute to a growing start-up company.
  • Live client experience (dependent on program level)
  • Fun events, new friends, and much more!


If you think this opportunity is right for you, your first task is to carefully review all the content on this page, construct your desired internship program, and submit your total application (at the bottom of this page).

There are three topics for your review before completing your application

Cavi is entering its third year of operation, and has created four work streams to support the next iteration of fulfilling its mission to spread the Cavi Method:

  1. Developing and implementing our corporate (C) infrastructure, which largely includes building processes and staffing critical functions within HR, IT, Finance, and Marketing.
  2. Developing and disseminating free content (FC) to promote open sharing and thought leadership around Cavi’s proprietary knowledge.
  3. Developing and launching paid content (PC) products based on Cavi’s proprietary knowledge to generate ongoing revenue for business operations.
  4. Developing an opinionated software (S) tool built on Cavi principles.

Each of these work streams will include projects and initiatives supported by one or more small working groups, or “pods”. A pod will consist of some combination of four functional roles: (T)echnical, (M)arketing, (P)rocess, and/or (A)dministrative. Individuals may participate in multiple pods - development and training opportunities will not be limited to the role you choose to start in (e.g. tech, marketing, process); but your chosen role will affect what aspects of the work you will be assigned and spend the majority of your time on.

Each pod will have quarterly goals and objectives which they will be working towards in support of broader business objectives. While executives and mentors will always be happy to provide strategic guidance on work as needed, the individual pod members will ideally be co-creating a plan for achieving the pod’s specific goals. Our goal is always to be as collaborative and flatly structured as possible in everything that we do.

In addition to the opportunities connected to working in a pod, there will be additional growth opportunities for those who want to develop other skills, such as public speaking, consulting skills or networking. The Cavi executive staff (Bridget, Sam, and Hassan) are highly trained in these areas and would love to support anyone who wants to develop these skill sets more deeply.

Our organizational structure is built around our core values of radical transparency, personal ownership and continuous improvement. As we continue to build the team and expand our resources, we want to make sure that individual team members experience greater opportunities for development, mentorship and learning, in a way that aligns with their personal and professional goals and interests. Our goal is to create an incubatory space for team members to achieve their fullest potential, whether within the Cavi organization or in bringing these learnings to future roles and projects.

The following provides high level detail about the various internship role options described in the organizational structure above:

(T)echnical  - The technical role is focused on the execution of specialized work needed to progress a pod’s objectives. The technical specialty can be anything (e.g. website development, data analytics, presentation design, research, etc.) as long as a pod has need of that skill set. The objective of a technical resource is to utilize their specialty to add value to the team, while also being able to gain experience using their skill and/or learning new technologies in a live business environment. Technical resources can have multiple skills they are focusing on, but will primarily stay focused on using those skills to create value for the organization. Cavi staff will provide feedback on work product and make sure to support the development and enhancement of any technical skills chosen for this role.

Example: setting up the technical platform to host our online training materials and onboard new students into the system; creating a customer management system; analyzing website traffic data to make recommendations about how to increase our reach.

(M)arketing - The marketing role is focused on all work necessary to bring a pod’s work outputs to market. The marketing specialty will be dedicated to understanding the unique value proposition of each project and pod output, and bringing constant focus on how that value will be priced, packaged, and placed within the target market. This role is comprehensive, and should expect to integrate all marketing skills necessary to offer discipline and guidance to all ongoing work efforts.

Example: creating and sending PR pitches to publications to encourage them to write about Cavi and our products; creating a monthly content roundup to send to our newsletter subscribers; researching and developing the pricing and market positioning for our upcoming products; creating and executing a launch plan for selling our online training course.

(P)rocess - The process role is focused on deeply learning and ensuring the integrity of the Cavi methods in all pod work. The process specialty will focus on understanding Cavi’s process improvement ideology such that they can answer process questions that come up in any work stream, and start to establish deep subject matter expertise that could be used to support all work at Cavi (in any pod). This role will necessarily involve testing and contributing to all knowledge product creation, dedication to learning Cavi process improvement, and a general willinging to consume all Cavi knowledge resources. Because of the intense learning curve in this role, it is only available for interns that have significant time (15+ hours/week) to commit to their program.

Example: serving as an analyst resource on active client engagements; writing process-focused content to share on the blog or present for a speaking engagement; editing and developing content for a book; beta testing the prototype for the software tool.

(A)dministrative - The administrative resource is focused on all activities related to running Cavi’s core corporate and management operations. This specialty is not based on a particular skill set (like the technical role) but is broader in scope and will need resources to develop a well-rounded, general business management orientation. Example activities would include standing up an entire HR process, researching and coming up with an IT solution needed by all pods to make their work more efficient, or implementing a new finance practice to reduce business cost. This role may also be called on to help a pod generate the necessary reporting or documentation to support their work, generally performing and institutionalizing any support or shared service function that could be leveraged across the organization. This is more of an MBA level administrative function, with resources identifying overarching business problems, and executing the necessary activities to solve them. This role should expect to be assigned primarily within the corporate (C) infrastructure development workstream.

Example: creating documentation and onboarding protocols for new team members; structuring financial reports; developing internal training resources to help the team increase efficiency; participating in interviews for potential new team members.

With an understanding of Cavi’s mission, the organizational structure, and the role options available, we will now cover the program options available so that you can structure an internship that makes the most sense in supporting your personal and professional goals.

While regular pay is not an option within our current budget, we are committed to exchanging fair value for your contribution, which is why the program options and benefits are segmented into three levels based on the time that you can commit to the program.

Cavi Internship Program

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