At its core, every business is just a collection of processes that transform energy into value.

When a business has "high flow strength", the energy flowing into those business processes moves easily and directly, with few obstacles. All its processes are operating smoothly and efficiently, with minimal waste, and profitable value creation is the result. A company with high flow strength is stable, adaptable, and can effectively scale with its market.

When a business has "low flow strength", the energy flow is impeded through the business because the structure and workflow are poorly defined, which results in high costs and low value creation. Operating with poor energy flow makes companies unstable, with little excess capital for innovation or discovery, rigid and slow to react to changing market conditions, and generally unable to scale and grow within their market place. Left unchecked, this can lead the business to fail.

When we remove obstacles to the flow of energy through your business, we increase the value the business creates and - ultimately - make the business healthier and wealthier. This is the basis of all the work we do at Cavi.

What the assessment report will show you is which of the 9 stages of flow strength, or process maturity, your business is currently operating at, and how to harness your business’s energy most effectively in the present, as well as structure your business for increased energy flow in the future.


The Cavi Flow Strength Assessment evaluates your business's energy flow and identifies ways to improve that flow to ensure the overall health of the company. The assessment consists of a questionnaire and analysis. You will then receive a report with an overview of your company's flow strength score, and some high level recommendations for how to improve it.


Any business owner or entrepreneur who wants to optimize their business for greater value creation and more efficient processes.

This is your one chance to get this service for free - after the first 25 of testing we will start charging for it. Don't miss out! If you're interested or want more info, please email us at [email protected]

Instructions: Please read the "Term Glossary" below, fill in your basic business information, and score your company's alignment with the 12 flow strength statements that follow to receive your flow strength assessment results.

Term Glossary:
1) Value Proposition: Broad in nature, this summarizes the direct output of a company's business strategy at the company level. Should describe what the company's overall value to customers is.

2) Value (Positioning) Statement: Is a subset of the value proposition and at the product/service process level. The value statement describes the target audience (persona), product name, category, benefit, and competitive differentiation that the process output should align with.

3) Workflow: Collectively refers to the real-world, physical activities that describe the real-time interactions between people, technology, and their work environment.

4) Process Design: the set of theoretical steps intended to describe how workflow should be coordinated to enable a process.

5) Process Design Asset: any video, document, e-file, or other fixed entity that describes a series of activities intending to consistently transform energy (human labor or capital) into customer value. Examples of design assets include: training documents, process maps, training videos, etc.

6) (Process) enablement, or, enabled process design: This concept describes a process design that is "brought to life" by resources being assigned to workflow with the intention of creating the value described by the process design.