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A Cavi consultant can help your business automate, scale and grow profitably

A Scientific Approach to Process Improvement

At Cavi, we offering business consulting services which integrate scientific theory and practical experience. The Cavi Method, our proprietary framework for process improvement, draws on principles of process science and the study of energy flow.

A Cavi consulting engagement will begin with an assessment of the current process continuity within your business. Process continuity measures the degree to which processes are designed, balanced, and managed to optimize energy flow and value creation.

When process continuity is high in an organization, it directly translates to processes which have less variation, defects, and waste. 

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The Cavi Approach

Once you’re able to see and understand obstacles to flow within your business processes, you can redesign those processes to work more effectively at a lower cost. At Cavi, we have created a unique methodology to help you confidently understand and speak to the processes that collectively represent your business and the energy flowing through them. 

A strong foundation in process empowers your business to grow with minimal risk while achieving consistent positive returns. We help businesses understand the factors that are holding them back, identify options to remove these obstacles, and realize opportunities for improvement within their business operations. With a stronger management of energy flow through your business process, your company can expect:

  • Improved return on projects and operations
  • Reductions in training, management, and administrative costs
  • Improved efficiency in working with vendors, partners, and the market itself

Whether you want to scale, automate, reduce costs, or plan for the future, growing your business should not rely on intuition or, worse, “trial and error.”

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Team Capabilities and Core Offerings

Our core capabilities include:

  • Process Mapping
  • Operating Model Design
  • Organizational Structure Design
  • Structuring and Executing Process Improvement Projects

Services to Increase Flow Maturity


Executive Level Interviews
Business Financial Analysis
Project Managment Training

  • High-level Operating Flow Documentation
  • Basic-Level knowledge products
  • Project management and templates

Management Level Interviews
Operating Model Analysis
Operations Management Training

  • Detailed Operating Flow Diagram Operating Model
  • Organizational Structure
  • Moderate-level knowledge products
  • Operations management tools and templates

Operations Staff Level Interviews
Cavi Method Execution
Advanced Process Training

  • Specific target process map(s)
  • Actionable project plan(s) for project improvement
  • Advanced-level tools and templates

Our team is certified in Lean, Six Sigma, Change Management, and Project Management Methodologies. We also are CMMI associate certified and can support process audits and certifications. More detailed staff bios are available upon request.

The Process Improvement Project Workflow


We typically engage with clients with our standard problem analysis framework and continue on to scope tailored process improvement projects that last between 6-8 weeks to meet measurable business objectives.